A walk or bike ride down the road

As part of my daily routine, traveling to and from where i perform my daily journey and adventure is one of pleasure of the day time waking up virtually when i want.

Some may suggest, could it get any better then this ? Living in perhaps one of the best places on earth to work rest and play.

Centenary Lakes Park.jpg

The daily adventure takes ones mind all around the local region and throughout the world issues, stories and of course deadlines, always with one aspect which links it all together the stories have to have some relevance to the local people in some way.

While on the surface it may appear constricting and limiting but with an open eye and clear mind it is as liberating and with rules in place gives freedom to explore.

Interesting people are met, opinions listened to, observed like a football match or a chess board, the moves that people make are often far more interesting and their unseen stories seen in all its glory .

Going through the motion of the day, through all the currents of events that happens, sometimes a breaking story will stop your breath putting everything else that seemed important a world or perhaps a universe away.

That is the exciting aspect of daily news making decisions on the fly, of which one gets the nod as part of the daily feed and the multitude of stories that do not.

Eating when your hungry has no routine time one day its 11 am the next 3 pm some days not at all and others often.

Coffee tea water yes please a walk out side to enjoy a moment looking in to the sky a car driving in or out of the car park a green frog or some stick insect a pee wee or even a kangaroo in the water estuary nearby.

No one day is the same as any other if you care to simply take time out to observe it

Part 2 looks at going home


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